Lesson 135 – English 06 Essay

I read the actually book, so the chapters were smaller than the printed version on Ron Paul Curriculum. It got delayed a few days, because I didn’t know the chapters were smaller. The words and sentences and quotes were the same though.

In the Swiss Family Robinson, they had many ways to survive. The book was based on another survival story, Robinson Crusoe, a book published in the 1600’s.

There was a family, a father, a mother, and four sons. First, there was Fritz, who was the oldest and fifteen. Second, there was thirteen year old Ernest. Then, there was Jack, and he was ten. Then, the youngest was Franz and he was seven. There was a mother, who was named Elizabeth, and the first-person view of the book was the father.

They got on the island when they were on a boat, and there was a storm. They escaped on a life boat they built and landed on an island. It had a lot of woods and animals. After landing, they explored their surroundings.

They built a shelter for the night and then revisited the shipwreck of the ship. Fritz and the father revisited the wreck many times. The first time the revisited they saved the animals, some dogs, a donkey, and a few others. The second time they retrieved some supplies. The rest of the revisits they came back for more supplies and weapons.

After a while, they lived in a tree. It was a treehouse and it was tall. They had so many tamed while animals and plenty of food. They named everything, like the bay they landed on, called Safety Bay. They named a salt cavern The Rock House. The named a bunch of things.

After ten years, the boys grew up and were happy. A woman named Jenny Montrose had been shipwrecked there too, recently. England found them! The captain offered them a ride to England. Jenny accepted, and Fritz and Franz went with. That’s were the book ended. It was a good book, and probably one of the books I enjoyed the most.


12 thoughts on “Lesson 135 – English 06 Essay

  1. Have you seen the movie? Thye do not have Jack in the movie😥😥
    Who was your favorite character???
    I noticed these mistakes:
    You said whiled animals instead of wild.
    You forgot to put a “y” on the end of your “they”

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      1. 🙂 Please read my ATTENTTION post on my blog. Share it with your friends, It is super important, to keep yourself safe!


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