Chapter 3

“Well, what do you need to know?” snapped Scythina. “Tell me quickly.”

“H-how does my soul help you?” asked Gli.

“Hmph. Well, with correctly channeled magic, it can power my soldiers.”

“How is Frisa and my mother, Geraria related?”

“Because they’re not blood sisters,” snarled Scythina. “Years before Frisa joined me, us three dragons were besties. They made a pact where they would be sisters for life, even if they weren’t actually related. I wanted to join too, but they kicked me out. Wait a minute, no, Frisa kicked me out. Geraria wanted me to join. I don’t know why. So then I wanted revenge on Frisa.

“Before that, I was a new-hatch, living in Kimtari Village. I was happy. My parents were happy. My siblings were happy. But then, tragedy struck. I was accused of killing my brother Thunder, who was killed by my sister Puma. So as punishment, I had to cut my wrist and permanently remove any growth of scales there.” She paused, showing Gli her scarred wrist. “Then, my father accused me of stealing a neighbor’s gold. As punishment, I had cut my wing and wait for it to heal.” She showed Gli a clear scar on her wings. “And then, my sister Puma killed my mom and accused me!”

Scythina was raging. “So I was kicked out of Kimtari. Oh, and did I mention that after being accused of killing Thunder, everyone hated me for life? I… DID… NOTHING. And what do I get for being good? Hurt and kicked out. Then, Geraria found me. She was nice and we became friends. Then we met Frisa. We started off as besties. But then Frisa become more distant from me. And they made the stupid sister pact. And that’s when I realized, you can’t trust anyone.

“And so I started Project Kimtari. Frisa’s so naive and dumb, she was completely fooled!” Scythina gave a dry laugh. “And then I used magic. I was so close to stealing her soul, but she escaped. And gave me a prophecy. And you will die.”

“Please!” begged Gli. “I have parents in Jyni Village! Don’t kill them!”

“Oops, too late. I know for a fact that Geraria’s dead.”

And then, Scythina left.


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