Chapter 2

Gli rubbed her head.

“Watch where you’re going!” the other dragon snapped.

“Hey, you’re at fault too!” Gli snapped back.

“Okay, jeez, sorry,” said the dragon, who was a Porcelain Dragon, rolling his eyes. “My name’s Craker [pronounced cracker]. What’s yours, Leaf-Mist Dragon?”

“I’d prefer WetLeaf Dragon,” hissed Gli, “but my name is Gli.”



There was an awkward silence.

“Look,” said Craker. “Are you running from the Sword-Soldiers?”

“Yeah…” said Gli cautiously.

Suddenly, Craker jumped at her, and then scratched her. He shook his scales, and off came dried yellow and gray paint. Gli’s eyes bulged, and Craker was a Sword-Soldier. Gli recognized him as the Sword-Soldier who had teamed up with Teriefula when they chased and captured.

He tied her talons up with some leatherweed-grass that was planted on the ground.

“And my name’s not Craker!” the Sword-Soldier laughed. He grabbed the tied-up Gli and flew away.

I hate rope, thought Gli.

The “ride” to Lortiro Village was uncomfortable, but comfortable enough to nap.

When Gli woke up, Scythina was staring right at her.

“Well, looks like we have our power-up!” said Scythina, narrowing her eyes but still smiling. She put her talon on Gli’s snout. Gli tried biting it.

“I’d stop if I were you!” Scythina sang. “Or you’ll soul will be used instantly.” Scythina began to walk out of the room.

“Wait,” Gli begged. “Please, can I at least have some answers before my soul is gone?”

“Hmm, alright, but be quick,” said Scythina.

The illustrator was Corrie this time! Let’s give her a big hand! Sawyer couldn’t do the drawing in time, so Corrie did it! Thanks, girl!

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