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Lesson 5: History 4

Originally posted on Moua's Essays:
Write an essay (125 words or more) on the following:Topic: How might holding a cyclical view of time (as opposed to a linear one where time has a beginning, a middle, and an end) make someone pessimistic about the future? Alternatively, explain how a person’s worldview can help increase…

3 Years of Blogging!!

Heya! So, I have really exciting news… I HAVE OFFICIALLY REACHED THREE YEARS OF BLOGGING (it says that in the title lol). I’m really happy! This is a short post because I have to move on to other posts… #ineedtopostthewinnersforthewarriorcatscontestlolthisisareallylonghashtagandicankeepitaslongasiwantnyaaaa So, seeya!

Prologue – The Lost Tribe

Originally posted on Wings of Fire FanFics:
A royal LightWing messenger flew to Queen Prism’s palace.? He had an urgent message for the queen, from her sister Ray.? He flapped his elegant white wings to the palace. LightWings were an ancient tribe of dragons that had been living in an underground utopia for many millenniums.?…


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