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Merry Christmas!

Heya! Merry Christmas! I’m just going to post a few pics (in which none are mine) because I’m really busy!

My Christmas Playlist!

Heya! Today I’ll talk about my top ten fav Christmas songs! They’re all pretty good, and I recommend them during Christmas time! (song URLs are in the photos ❤ ) #1 All I Want Christmas Is You By Mariah Carey This is a very big hit, and it’s one of my favs! I love it…

Introduction to Christmas

Heya! Let’s start the introduction to Christmas! So, as we know, it is December. It holds one of the most famous and well-known holidays: Christmas. So what am I going to blog on in Christmas? The simple answer is: Everything! It could be funny Christmas stories, or Christmas art, or Christmas ideas! Maybe I could…

How was your Thanksgiving?

Heya! How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was great! We didn’t host Thanksgiving this year. We brought roasted yams and brussel sprouts and I think acorn squash. Anyways, I saw a lot of my family and we all had a great time! I saw my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, and cousins, all except for one…


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