Chapter 10

When Gli looked at who had trapped her, there was a Night Dragon looking straight at her.

“Oh! Sorry! I thought you were a Sword-Soldier,” said the Night Dragon, letting Gli go. “My name is Frisa,” she said shyly.

“Oh my goodness! Frisa! It’s you!” Gli said excitedly, flapping her wings.

“Let’s go into my home, or most dragons would say, lab,” Frisa chuckled. “Eat this first, though.”

Gli looked suspiciously at the two tablets Frisa was holding out, but she ate it anyways. Suddenly, she went blind!

“I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you!” she snapped.

“Shh sh, it’s only for a few moments. My home is secret, and I will lead you.” Frisa gently grabbed Gli’s wrist and led her to a small room. Gli could hear mechanics and other things and after about five minutes, she could see again.

On a small table, there were test tubes and scientific things. Gli stared at it, her mouth open wide.

Gli said excitedly, “We could stop so many Sword-Soldiers, Frisa! So many! We could rescue everybody! And Scythina would be put in Mega-Dungeon! This is so great! I can’t believe-“

“No,” said Frisa. “I… No. We are not. No. I am done associating with Scythina’s creepy spells.”

“B-but, we — I thought — we can’t — huh?”

Frisa sighed. “Look, Scythina needed my soul too.” She looked embarrassed and turned away from Gli. “I… I worked with her.”

Gli stared at her.

“I didn’t know until then. We were best friends. Scythina told me we were going to make an army to protect Lortiro Village. So we went around gathering Lightning Dragons. I worked with Scythina, using physics and smarts, making their scales harder than obsidian, making their claws sharper than knifes. She took it too far, than physics. She wanted to use magic.

“She brought in a poor, old dragon named Karokoro. He knew magic. Then, she told me. She wanted revenge on Kimtari villagers. They threw her out as a new-hatch. She wanted to kill them all. But then, the magic took over. It made her heart a pure black hole, sucking in more vengeance, evilness, and rage. She needs someone’s special soul to make her Sword-Soldiers indestructible.

“She needed my soul to make her Sword-Soldiers. It was her plan all along. I knew it would kill me, and I fled. But, right before, I have her a prophecy:

“A Wetleaf Dragon
Of brave heart
Scales prettier than bracken
Will stop the leader
With her good soul

“So she went after you, A Wetleaf Dragon. Your mother knew me… because she was my sister.”

“I’m the Wetleaf,” Gli murmured. “That’s why she needed me.”


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