My Neighborhood Is Great!

     My neighborhood is a great place because it has a lot of people and its safe!  There are many kids although nearly all of them live far away, like around the curb.  My friend Nithya lives right next door.  My family and I met her when she and her family moved here.  As for a safe place, we live right down the road from a fire department.  My home follows the winter, fall, summer and spring cycle.  In conclusion, this is why I like my neighborhood.

Mosquitoes Science 4 Lesson 22 10/16/2019 AD

  Mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous animals in the world!  The main disease it carries is malaria.  The female mosquito drinks blood.  What causes the disease is that when the mosquito drinks blood it gives people a parasite that cause malaria; etc.  About 198 million people died in 2012 because of malaria.  Mosquitoes also carries West Nile virus, Dengue fever that kills about 22,000 people a year, Yellow fever, and even Chikungunya!  Male mosquitoes eat plants and fruit juices.  Mosquitoes provide food for Dragonflies and small fish.



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If You Like Warriors

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Lesson 160 – History 05

Summarize each of the inventions you studied this week and how they impacted history. 

 Next, answer one of the following: 

 a) If you wanted to become an engineer who makes integrated circuits, what steps do you need to take? Use the Internet to perform research and find out. 


 b) What are some uses of laser technology that you would like to see invented that don’t yet exist (that you know about)? 

 Bonus Question (This is hard, which is why it’s optional. It’s just for fun.) – Assume you had a twin brother or sister, and you were both born at the exact same time and second (not really possible, but just assume for the sake of this question). Assume you both go camping together in the woods. One of you sleeps at the bottom of a tall observation tower, and the other sleeps up top, in the tower. According to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, one of you will be older than the other in the morning. Which one of you will it be, and why? Use the Internet.


\Polio is a dangerous disease that kills people. Aside from war, polio was one of the biggest fears in American history. Polio can paralyze one of your limbs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt died of polio. It was a sad life for those who caught polio. Jonas Salk invented the polio vaccine. He wanted to study under something other than the medical field, but his mom wanted him to be a doctor. Salk felt he would help more people by being a medical researcher, so he became that. In 1955, the polio vaccine was a thing. There are two ways to use the vaccine: swallow it, or inject it. It’s more dangerous to swallow it, since the bacteria is still alive, just weakened but is cheaper. It’s much safer to inject the the bacteria because it’s dead although it’s more expensive. People were not scared anymore. Polio didn’t threat people. This was my favorite invention.


An intermodal container is a giant metal container that has cargo in it, and they stack on top of each other. They fit like puzzle pieces. They can also be called cargo containers. Malcolm McLean invented the cargo container. He realized that unloading cargo was hard and tiring, and things got stolen easily. It became much cheaper to ship things. You can install air conditioning or heat in the cargo containers.


An integrated circuit have transistors and help with computer logic. Two men invented the integrated circuit. Their names were Noyce and Kilby. Integrated circuits are expensive to manufacture, but it’s worth it. It has a lot of steps to manufacture. Because of the integrated circuit, the military weapons got better and you could control them easier. The Apollo rocket ship had many integrated circuits. Without these, technology would not be a thing.


Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser uses energy and atoms to produce strong light. Charles Townes invented the laser. He named after a similar light device called the “maser”. Lasers have many benefits. Some can be used for surgery to cleanly cut things. Weak lasers can be used in carpentry to check if the wood is even (my dad does this a lot since we’re trying to make our “unfinished” basement “finished”). They can be used with CDs and DVDs too. Lasers are very beneficial, and without them, we would not have these stuff.

Imagine two people; their names are 1 and 2. They’re both in space, and in high tech spaceships. 2 goes back to Earth. 1 decides to zoom away into space at light speed. 1 travels for what seems to be a year to them, and go back to Earth. 1 only aged a year, but 2 has aged many years. Why? For 1, time slowed down since they were going incredibly fast. They barely aged. But for 2, 1 was going so fast and stayed away many years. This theory involves light physics, time, and speed

Einstein’s theory of general relativity

Assume you had a twin brother or sister, and you were both born at the exact same time and second. Assume you both go camping together in the woods. One of you sleeps at the bottom of a tall observation tower, and the other sleeps up top, in the tower. According to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, one of you will be older than the other in the morning. Which one of you will it be, and why?

The week’s question I am choosing to answer

For the twins, the twin who slept under the tower (1) is older. The earth is spinning slower than the top of the tower, and therefore, the twin who slept on the top is younger.

Lesson 155 – History 05 (10/14/2021)

Summarize each of the inventions you studied this week and how they impacted history. 

 Next, imagine the future: what do you think the world will look like 50 years from today? Write down today’s date: month, date, and year. Then, add 50 years to that. What do you think the next 50 years will bring about? Write about it. Make predictions. Consider the world and the state of technology in 1950, just after the transistor had been invented, but before it was put into commercial products. Then, think forward 50 years, to 2000, when the Internet was coming into its own. Was that a big difference? Do you think the next 50 years will change the world as much as the 50 years between 1950 and 2000 did? Explain why you think that — or why not.


An FM radio is a type of radio. There are two types, FM and AM. AM is sensitive to other radio waves, so it’s not hard to hear static but it’s easier and cheaper to build. FM is not sensitive and you can hear nearly perfectly, although it’s not easy to build. Edwin Armstrong invented the FM radio. He was interested in electricity and that’s why he invented the FM radio. A company called RCA (Radio Corporation of America) rejected the FM radio because they were making a lot of money with the AM radio. So Armstrong made his own company and used the AM radios. Because of the rise of FM, AM declined in use and demand. AM was used for talking and FM was used for music. This was a nice invention that I definitely enjoyed.


An electron microscope can see really little things, even smaller than bacteria. A virus is NOT bacteria, although it latches on to bacteria and it produces more using the bacteria. Ernst Ruska invented the electron microscope. There are two types, TEM and SEM. TEM uses electrons and has better pictures, although it’s 2D. SEM uses light and is 3D, but it can’t see such as small pictures. Because of the electron microscope, doctors can determine sicknesses. The human bodies were found more about. I liked this invention.


Nuclear fission is when atoms are split by neutrons. Atoms are bits of elements that make up everything. Atoms are nearly impossible to see even with a microscope. Nuclear fission is incredibly dangerous. Leo Szilard invented nuclear fission. The Germans have used nuclear fission to create nuclear bombs. The USA bombed Hiroshima, Japan and it killed many people. There is still a high cancer risk there. Cancer is when certain cells start to grow unnaturally and it can kill you, and sometimes the only way to stop it is to amputate all surfaces in which it affected. Nuclear fission is not all bad, though. It can be used to generate electricity. There is also nuclear fusion.


A transistor channels electricity by switching paths and it creates things such as NOT gates and AND gates. It acts as a gate to preform digital logic. Transistors are very tiny. Three men invented the transistor: William Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter Brattain. William Shockley gets the credit. Transistors appear everywhere in modern technology. There are over 100 million in a regular cell phone, and over a billion in a computer like the one I’m using. Without transistors, we would not have the world we have today.

I think technology would definitely change, but I don’t think really big things will happen. Technology is good, but not good for you and your eyes and brain. People might get smarter in fifty years, but others might not be as smart. If all people can understand physics, chemistry, biology, and creative minds, I think that we would have so much more inventions than all the inventions that ever where invented. But if people are attached to screens, I feel we would not get much smarter.

Lesson 150 – History 05

Summarize each of the inventions you studied this week and how they impacted history. 

Next, explain what the “Eureka!” moment that Fleming had was, and why he was able to have it in the first place. (Hint: Could just anyone have discovered penicillin if they would have noticed the same thing at the same time in the same place that Fleming did?).


A crystal oscillator creates an electric frequency. Many crystals and salts are piezoelectric, which mean they have natural electricity in them. Multiple people found out about crystal oscillators from different countries. Eventually they went into clocks. They were much more accurate. This invention was very interesting. I thought it was cool to learn about, but it was not a favorite.


George Washington Carver was born into slavery. His parents were both slaves. He was kidnapped as a baby but was found. Carver became a Christian. It was hard for him to get an education. He eventually did find a place, but it was closed and it was night. So he met a woman who rented him a room and she asked what his name was. He said Carver’s George. She told him he was free, so he became George Carver. She told him once he learned, he should teach other people too. He’s known for his good farming. He farmed a lot of peanuts. Even Teddy Roosevelt thought he was important. This was my second favorite to learn about.


A yagi uda antenna helps pull radio waves into it. A Japanese man named Shintaro Uda. He was taught by a man named Hidetugu Yagi. It was used a lot in World War 2. Because of the yagi uda antenna, it spread the use of a television. Eventually it led to cable TV.


Penicillin is a medicine that can be injected or swallowed. It is a fungus, and it kills bad bacteria. It was targeted for infections. Penicillin was invented by Alexander Flemming. He was a doctor. His eureka moment was when he left little containers out that had bacteria in it. He saw that fungus was killing the bacteria and completely killed it. A man named Dr. Florey used Flemming’s penicillin and tried to make a better version of it. It was slow to grow and it exited your body right away, so you had to take multiple doses to kill off the bad bacteria. Eventually, one of Florey’s assistants found out about cantaloupe mold, and how it grows quicker and produces more. That’s what Florey used. If you take too much penicillin, the bad bacteria in your body becomes immune to it, so you should only take it if it’s a life or death situation, or if you’re in bad health. This was my favorite invention.

It’s not hard to have a eureka moment, but you have to really pay attention to things. So if you don’t pay attention, you won’t have a eureka moment.

My Fall Bucket List

Heya Hoping Hopers! Today, I’m going to talk about my fall bucket list! Here were go!

1: Rake up leaves into a pile and pretend the leaves are a pool and the ground is a diving board

This is just half the fun of fall. Who doesn’t do this when they have to rake up leaves? Unfortunately, sometimes my dad mows the lawn before I have the chance to even rake up the leaves 😩

2: Go overboard with Halloween decorations

I love putting up decorations, although I hate taking them down. Anyways, going overboard with things in a good way is kinda my thing. So basically going overboard with Halloween decorations is probably the easiest thing in the bucket list 😆

3: Get better at the violin

If none of you knew, I play the violin and it doesn’t sound bad. Except when my bow gets too close to the bridge or my fingers are just very very very gently touching a string. Then it sounds like squealing 😬 (anyone who plays violin probably understands what I’m getting at 🙃 ). Also my thumb points horizontally instead of vertically. #amazing🙄 Maybe when I get better I can show you my violin playing along with the orchestra I play with (did I forget to mention that when I take music class, I play with a big group? Yes, we’re all advanced)

4: Become a cooler blogger

I feel like this is every blogger’s wish. BUT IT’S MINE TIMES 100,000,000 😉 ! I feel like my blog design is too busy, and I need to focus on other things. But, because I’m centered on that, take this survey please! Thanks.

5: Get a better fall wardrobe

I think everyone understands. 🙂

Aaaand that’s about it.