Chapter 4

Teriefula had just had to feed the Subject. Everything would be okay. That’s what her mom promised. If she just listened to her mom’s boss Scythina, everything would be okay. And Teriefula had an incredibly-important job: she had to feed the Subject. She felt bad for the Subject, but her soul would not only heal her sick sister, Kaisha, but also make her immortal. There was no known medicine for Kaisha and she only had a few days to live. She just had to carry out the instructions of Scythina and Kaisha would live.

“Heya!” said her friend, Morka. “Let’s go see the Parrot-Dragon we got for Commander Scythina!”

“I-I dunno,” murmured Teriefula. “What if she escapes? We saw the folder on her. She is best friends with G, er, the Subject. If she escapes, she’ll free the Subject!”

“You’re so tense! Ever since my uncle brought the Subject back, you’ve been so nervous!”

“Kaisha’s sick! She’s dying!” snapped Teriefula. “I won’t let us fail now!”

“Hey, the soul-sucker ritual is starting!” yelled another Lightning Dragon.

“Thank Karia! I was hoping that it would start soon,” Teriefula sighed with relief.

All the Sword-Soldiers gather around Scythina and Gli. Scythina was holding a blue crystal in her left talon, and a gold crystal in her right talon. She was wearing an ancient necklace with a pendent with odd symbols all over it. In the middle of the pendent, there was a purple eye that was closed.

“Teriefula! Come over and stand by me!” said Teriefula’s mom. “This magic comes from a great evil.” Teriefula’s mom’s voice became in a whisper. Her mom shielded her slightly with her wings. “The magic may spray out, and put evil into those it sprays. I want you to stay pure and good, even if it means giving some of my goodness. It may also suck bits of your soul. I don’t want that happening to you. I will be okay. But you are too young.”

“Please!” yelled Gli. “Please, let me go! My family is dead, my friend is captured, and I’m about die without a soul! Someone, please! Have mercy!”

“Shut up, you soft biscuit!” snapped Scythina. “You’re only prolonging the ritual!”

Be quiet! screeched Teriefula in her head. What Commander Scythina said! You’ll kill my sister if you don’t shut up!

“M’loole, ka-ja, faotai!” yelled Scythina. The ritual was beginning.

Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes!

“NOO!” screeched Gli. “Let me go!” She banged the bars of the cage.

M’loole, Gli, ar’glo!”

The crystals Scythina was holding started glowing a deadly purple.

“W-what?!” said Scythina confused. “That’s not supposed to happen!”

Suddenly, the eye on the pendent opened.

Thank you for awakening me,” said a voice coming from the pendent. “I sense the soul that I need to complete your wish. Do you want me to steal it now?”

“O-oh,” said Scythina, her voice a little calmer. “Yes, steal it now.” Her voice became once again sinister and dangerous.

Yes, my awakener.” Some purple dust fell out of the pendent. It flew. It came close to Gli.

“L-leave me alone, you crazy evil!” gasped Gli.

It latched itself onto her. Her eyes became white, and a glow came out of her eyes and mouth. Pretty blue dust came out of her mouth. The purple dust surrounded it, a brought it to Scythina.

Say M’loole, agertha, tpiea to continue,” said the purple dust.

M’loole, agertha, t-” Scythina never got the chance to finish. Teriefula’s eyes bulged. Her sister Kaisha had tackled Scythina.

“What are you doing?!” screamed Teriefula. “Scythina is saving your life!”

“I am doing what is right,” rasped Kaisha. Then, she cupped the dust and the color returned to Gli’s eyes.

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