Prologue – The Lost Tribe

My first “chapter” of one of my WoF fanfics! Please read!

Wings of Fire FanFics

A royal LightWing messenger flew to Queen Prism’s palace. He had an urgent message for the queen, from her sister Ray. He flapped his elegant white wings to the palace.

LightWings were an ancient tribe of dragons that had been living in an underground utopia for many millenniums. When all the original dragon tribes (such as the BeetleWings, the LeafWings, NightWings, SeaWings, SkyWings, RainWings, and so on) lived together in unison, even the LightWings hadn’t been there. When the very first dragons were made, the tribe of the LightWings were stuffed underground. The NightWings were scared of LightWing powers. They should have been. Most LightWings were hatched with the power to convince and command, basically mind control. They could use telekinesis and were telepathic, like some of the NightWings. Actually, only if their egg was resting under the moon for three moons, like their NightWing twins. They lost it when…

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