Chat 💬 🗣

Why to use this chat

  • If you’re lonely
  • If something sad happened and you want to talk about it
  • If you’re bored
  • If you want to talk with me
  • if you just wanna have fun 😎🤠🥸

But before you talk at all, answer this: What is the purpose of this chat, and why?

380 thoughts on “Chat 💬 🗣

    1. Oh yeah, sure!
      Okay, so the first thing you do is visit this site, which is Crowdsignal, the app that you use to make the polls):
      There’ll be a pink/purple/reddish button that says “Create New”. Click it, and it’ll give you a bunch of options on what you can make (quizzes, polls, surveys, etc.). After you finish, click the pinkish-purple-red button that says “Share” and copy the link. Then you can put it on your blog!

      If you have a WordPress account, you do not need to make a CrowdSignal account.

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      1. check the examples
        each site each looks different
        like i said, we’ll get into that later
        just finish ur home post if u haven’t already


      1. Speaking of animals, a sparrow just hit my window and it might be unconscious. All I could do was put it in a shoebox with a towel, so please pray for it 😦


      1. It has. The curiosity grabbed an ax and killed you in your sleep. Now you are in a fake world where everybody pretends that you’re alive in the real world. I have come to enlighten you.

        *snaps into another half of soul*

        Wait a minute; what was my brain doin…

        *snaps back into the other self*

        AGH! The liar has taken hold! GET HIM OUT!

        *snaps into the other half*

        What it’s the liar! Stop now…


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      1. I dunno; the lady who manages the site emailed my mom, so I moved over… So I’m not really too sure, but I’m not on the old one anymore.


  1. hello!!! 🙂 I am bored 😉 I have a question though! There was just a post put out and it said “4 days until the end of the drawing competition!” So could you give me the link to the main post??? I would really love to join 🙂 🙂 🙂

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