Drawing 4 U!

Hello! Who likes to draw? I honestly really do. Okay. What is your favorite animal? Tell me, tell what style you want it (realistic, cartoony, anime, basically anything you want), and I will draw it for you! It is yours; you can copy it; basically do anything with it because it will only be yours! It may not be perfect (I am sorry), but it’s yours! Make requests now, starting from 11/13/2020, ending at 11/15/20. After 11/15/20, no more requests can be made. No more than 2 requests by the same person can be made. Bye!

P.S. Unicorns, dragons, griffins, and phoenixes are an exception. If you choose this, you need to tell me what color the unicorn/dragon must be. You can choose up to five colors for this.


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