Contest! Finals! Voting!

Heya! Today is the final day of voting! Lol, that sounded weiirdddd. Anyways, today is the day of voting! Our contestants had to draw Peltstrike, an OC of mine. I kept the contestants anonymous and the points hidden just because 😉

Contestant ANONYMOUS

It is awesome! I love the way she drew Blindheart! Crowkit’s colors are exact, too!

Contestant INCOGNITO

Right to left: Hawkkit, Pealtstrike, Hummingbirdkit, Blindheart, Cardinalkit, Jaykit, and Crowkit. (jaykit is on crowkit)


It’s so cute! I really love how the colors look exactly like Hummingbirdkit! And Blindheart is so pretty!

Because this is probably the biggest contest, the poll will last longest. It ends on 8/20/22, lunchtime.

If the poll does not show up, click this link.

Remember! Please only vote once, and contestants may not vote for themselves! Also, please let me know when you vote! Tysm!

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