Gli’s Guide To Other Dragon Races

NOTE: This is uncompleted and yet to be.

Mist Dragons

Description: Mist dragons are blue or silver dragons with constantly shifting colors of white and have very pale blue, silver, or gray speckles.  They are very pretty dragons. They also have big, powerful wings.

Abilities: Most mist dragons are good swimmers by reflex. Almost none hate getting wet. Early mist dragons used to be able to control fog and mist, but after mist dragons stopped living in foggy areas, the power began to dissipate and so now only about 1 in 10,000 are hatched with the Fogcommand, as it’s called.

Habitats/Villages: Trustflow was the native Mist dragon village, but after the attack of the River dragons, soon all the Mist dragons relocated to Hopestream. Because Hopestream was not misty or foggy like Trustflow, the Fogcommand dissipated. Many Mist dragons live in Hopestream now, but after the Total War (where every tribe fought), many Mist dragons branched out and began living in other villages.

Class: Naturion Elmentia

Family: Water dragon


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