Gli’s Guide To Dragon History

NOTE: This is uncompleted and yet to be.

Hi! I’m Gli. I’m going to show you my continent’s history! I hope you like it! (most of the history in BW is approximated because we don’t have enough clear data that everything happened)

  • Year 12,271 before the war (BW): Dragons Water, Fire, Plant, Air, Earth, Eldest, and World come to the continent Kodoeng

  • 12,211 BW: All dragons spread out to start their own races and villages

  • 12,195 BW: Plant’s descendents spread out and create the races Leaf Dragons, Flower Dragons, Tree Dragons, Fruit Dragons, Herb Dragons, and Shrub Dragons

  • 12,000 BW: Queen Spirilia of the Air dragons creates the races Lightning dragons (with her partner who was a Light Dragon), Cloud Dragons, and Gale Dragons

  • 9,023 BW: Princess Minoge of the Light Dragons and Prince Craebur of the Amethyst dragons run away together, creating the race of the Jade Dragons.

  • 8,000 BW: Amethyst dragons and Light Dragons are in a war known as the Lightneous War because Prince Craebur’s sister, Queen Dahlia of the Light Dragons, attacked the Amethyst dragons due to her anger on Princess Minoge. During the Lightneous War the Light dragons go extinct and are wiped out


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