Lesson 5: History 4

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Write an essay (125 words or more) on the following:
Topic: How might holding a cyclical view of time (as opposed to a linear one where time has a beginning, a middle, and an end) make someone pessimistic about the future? Alternatively, explain how a person’s worldview can help increase or decrease their capital.

The essay

The Egyptians believed in the cyclical view and they believed that when you die, you will go into the after life. They believe after death you will be reborn again and again. However the Christians believed in the linear view which is where you only have one life. You have to be your best on earth. If you believe in the cyclical view, you’re not creative because you think you just get reborn and you can make it up later. But if you believe in the linear view, you’re creative because you only have…

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