100+ Followers!

Heya! As the titles says…….

I want to thank all of you for following me! I really appreciate it and luv ya all! ❤ Also, I’m sorry this post took forever, but I was pretty busy with a lot of other things.

So, to celebrate, I’m doing Assumptions and Q&A. In your comments, write #assuming for assumptions and write #questioning for Q&A.

Okay, for both Assumptions and Q&A, I am NOT answering questions that are:

  • Personal (such as birth date, address, etc.)
  • Offensive
  • Abusive
  • Mean
  • Inappropriate

For Q&A, you don’t necessarily have to the questions about ME; they could be silly or ridiculous.

Alright! For all of these, the deadline is next Monday. Have great day!

P.S. If I suddenly disappear for more than a week or two, it probably means that I did poorly on a test and am waiting permission to go back blogging

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