Winner from Tryouts Contest!

Heya! Let’s just hop right in!!!!

So, Contestant 10 she got one vote, but she still had the most points, giving her 23! So she WON!! Congrats!!

Whoever got 2nd place was a bit of a hassle to find out. But I soon figured it out.

Contestant 5 had 12 points, but she got the most votes, so she got an additional 15 points! Contestant 1 had 15 points and got 2nd place in votes, so she now has 16 points. So close! Contestant 1 is in 2ND PLACE!!

Here is an award to everyone who participated in this contest!:

Contestant 4 was Sawyer! Give her a big hand! Contestant 5 was Alexis! Give her a big hand, too! Thank you for joining!

The Finals theme is still Peltstrike; if you started drawing this but did not make it to the finals, you can give it to me and I’ll write something like an honorable mention or such.

Because this is a hard theme, the deadline is on July 30th. Yes, I’m giving you a whole month. Good luck!


4 thoughts on “Winner from Tryouts Contest!

  1. Alright!
    Me against you 10!
    Also, wasn’t I #1? Why does the certificate say 5?
    I will probably have the drawing to you wayyy before the deadline. And #10’s is done. So you may find out the winner sooner than you think!

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