Chapter 8

Hi guys! I know it’s been a while since I last published a chapter, but I’ve been busy and working on other stories. Because it’s been a while, I’ve made this chapter extra-long! Enjoy, and stay tuned!

Scythina was right!  You can’t trust anyone!

“Let me out!” roared Gli.  “You traitors!”

“Sorry!” wailed Ignisavisia.  She burst into tears.  “Scythina told us she’d kill one of us if we didn’t help her!”

“Shut up, you Ovemara!” snapped Fuocoucello, although equal guilt and sadness showed through his eyes.  “I-I mean, stop crying, Ig.”

“Don’t cry.”  Kaisha gave a weak smile.  Pain and exhaustion were the clearest emotions in her eyes, but there was slight hope and empathy.  “Free us.  Please.  After, come with us.  Leave Scythina.  You can.  I know it.”  Her sentences were each short and choppy with pain.

Ig looked hopefully at Kaisha.  “Y-you mean it?” she sniffed.

Kaisha only nodded, her eyes glassy.

Ig looked at Fuo.  Fuo looked at her they both nodded.  Ig pulled a lever down and the group fell.

“Ouch.”  Teriefula winced and stretched her wings.  “I hate nets.”

“Welcome to my life,” said Gli.  Frisa turned away to hide a smile.

“Huh…?” Teriefula looked confused.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Gli.  “We need to get to safety and cure Kaisha.”

“No.”  Kaisha set an elegant talon on Gli’s shoulder.  “We must stop Shadoom Toku and Scythina.”

“But… what about you?” Gli asked.

Kaisha shook her head.  “We focus on Shadoom Toku and Scythina.  Frisa?  Stopping them?”

“I can’t,” Frisa said, sighing, although a gleam lit her eye.  “But I know who can.  A dragon living in Dotrasol worked with me a while ago.  She practiced healing.”  Another gleam lit her eye.  “She’s an herb dragon.”

“That’s wonderful!” Teriefula exclaimed.  “She can heal Kai-”

“How does that stop Scythina-slash-Shadoom Toku?” Gli asked, frowning.  “That’s not going to help at all!”

“You’re heartless!” Teriefula snapped.  “She can heal my sister!”

“Now, now,” began Frisa.

“Heartless?” Gli interrupted angrily.  “You’re the one who basically didn’t care I was about to get my soul taken away!”

“It was because Kaisha could’ve been healed!”

“Idiot!  You’re a pure Ovemara!  Now we’re in the middle of nowhere, a dead burning hometown of mine!  You put us in danger!  We could’ve been resting at Frisa’s house if you hadn’t come along and led Shadoom Toku to us!”

Ovemaras were huge cow-like beasts, except they had long, shaggy green-brown-gray coats, and were delicious to eat.  They were also incredibly dumb with pea-sized brains.  They were so dumb they couldn’t tell grass, their natural diet, from anything else, which resulted short lifespans.

Ig seemed to shrink down as she cowered in fear, and even Fuo looked uncomfortable.

“We wouldn’t even be in this mess if you hadn’t escaped!” Teriefula roared, and she readied herself to tackle Gli.

“ENOUGH!”  Kaisha gave a massive shudder and fell to the ground.

Frisa leapt over to help the sick dragon up.

“Sh-she’s n-not dead, i-is sh-she?” Teriefula asked, the scales on her face turning white.  It wasn’t normal for dark lightning dragon scales to turn that pale, so she must’ve been terrified.  “W-we di-didn’t k-k-k-k-kill her, d-did w-we?”

“No.”  Frisa glared at her.  “But yelling that stole most of her energy.  And you interrupted me.  She also studied soul energy, so she can stop Shadoomthina.  You argued for nothing and now Kaisha’s weaker.”

“Oh.”  Gli felt guilty.  Kaisha was hurt even worse now.  “Let’s just get to Dotrasol quickly.”

“Hey!” exclaimed Ig.  “I’ve got a map of Kodoeng [the continent Gli lives in] in my room!  We live right by this net!  I’ll go get it!”

In the silence, Gli and Teriefula glared at each other.

Ig came back.  “We’re in Jyni Village right now.  We’ve got to pass through Stonebrook Village and Eayaitze to reach Safeara, where we could stop for the night.  We then got through Airagon City, Hopestream, Oilen Village, then we take a path called Bahe Trail through the Dewdrop Mountains, and we’ll reach Dotrasol!”

“Oh…”  Gli frowned.  “That’s more than four days away!”

“I’ve got a friend in Eayaitze,” Fuo said with an excited and mischievous glint in his eye.  “He’s a titan dragon, and his name is Tyni!  Well, actually he’s a titan-colossal dragon, since his mom’s a colossal dragon.”

“That’s cool, Fuo, but how does that help?” Gli asked, frowning.

“Because,” Fuo said mischievously, “he’s ginormous and fast and can fly us to Dotrasol in just a day.”


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