A Drawing I Made

Heya! So, yesterday I got an *AMAZING* idea! Okay, looking back, maybe it wasn’t that amazing, but pretty fun! I’m making a drawing series on here called “Animal Comrades” (still working on the name; suggestions are welcome!). Here is the first drawing in the series!:

The fox is named Sini and the cat is named Pipesticks!

I got inspirations from Pokemon and TinyShroom’s drawing for Sini! Also, if you think it look’s like “Sini is” a copy of TinyShroom’s drawing, it’s not. Like I said, I was also taking inspiration from Pokemon, who also have big eyes and tiny little bodies.

Anyways, here is the digital drawing!:

Sini and Pipesticks are besties! They always do everything together!

I’m adding an Animal Comrade page to my site. Keep watch for it and the updates!


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