Chapter 6

“-And then Kaisha freed me,” said Gli, talking to Frisa. She threw a glance at Kaisha, who was sleeping on a comfortable cot. “And then we escaped here. Also Frisa, do you have some kind of medicine that can help Kaisha?”

“I could,” Frisa said thoughtfully, rubbing her chin in thought, “But I need to know what sickness she has. Do you know?”

“No,” sighed Gli. “Let me wake her up-“

“Stop it,” hissed Frisa. Gli looked at her in confusion. “Sorry, but sleep and time can cure many sicknesses. Just let her sleep for a little bit. Poor thing is probably exhausted.”

Suddenly, there was a bang on Frisa’s door. Frisa looked terrified.

“Wait,” said Gli. “Isn’t your door hidden? Isn’t-“

“Shh!” snapped Frisa. “Get Kaisha and hide each other. I’ll take care of this.”

“No,” said Gli. We’ll take care of it together. I’m not letting you do this alone. It could be Shadoom Toku for all we know but I’ve seen it before, so I’d have more of a chance of surviving.”

Frisa gave Gli a knife and opened the door. There standing was Teriefula. Gli roared and leapt and her, pressing her throat to the floor. “That’s for trying to kill me, kidnapping Liifedzi, and helping Scythina,” snarled Gli.

“I just want to make sure Kaisha’s okay,” croaked Teriefula. “You tricked her into following you and probably killed her by now.”

Gli stopped, but got up slowly and cautiously. Even with scales, Frisa looked pale.

“Were you followed?” she asked.

Teriefula mirrored Frisa’s paleness. “I-I don’t th-think so,” she croaked.


“Run!” screamed Frisa, grabbing Kaisha. “Get out of here!”

The squad followed Gli.

“M-my home,” whimpered Gli, looking at Jyni Village. All the huts and cave homes were ruined, and there was blood everywhere. All of the stick/grass huts were scorched and there were belongings everywhere.

“I’m sorry, Gli,” said Kaisha gently, patting Gli’s talon.

“Hey, what’s a sight-soul?” asked Teriefula to Frisa.

She sighed. “A sight-soul is a dragon with a powerful soul. They have the abilities to see visions, see prophecies, have telekinesis if in the right conditions, and have souls that have enough soul energy to power armies with immortality, instant death strikes, and ten times as much strength and speed.”

“What’s soul energy?” asked Teriefula.

“Soul energy is the amount of magical energy that some dragon’s soul has. For example, Gli and I had enough soul energy to power your tribe’s army.”

Suddenly, Gli heard a whisper that said, “Survivors.”


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