Should I Trust?…

Okay, so I just got an apology from GoldPink.

“Dear Mia, I’m sorry my sister copied your blog. You might be confused, but here’s what really happened: I was recommended to wordpress. So I made a blog. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of telling her. She got onto my blog, and copied everyone I was following! So I apologize for her. You do not have to accept my apology. Also, my name is Angelina. Crystal is my sister’s name.”

Nat, who was also copied, said she too was given an apology. Should I trust it? Or is it dangerous? I need your opinions, and some better facts.


27 thoughts on “Should I Trust?…

  1. It sounds an awful lot like the other copier who copied and then everyone got a post/comment from the sister saying they were sorry that their sibling copied everyone.
    I wish I knew what to do for you. I would not trust it. It sounds risky. Your sibling got on and changed the name of your blog and hacked and copied everyone? It does not sound creditable o me.
    You are the only one who can decide though.

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  2. Just see how it goes, Mia. It doesn’t seem like a lie to me. If you are worried, then your gut will tell you what’s right. Problems like this can happen with siblings. I believe she is not lying. She did delete her blog, so she is probably not lying, why would you delete your blog if you where lying? No, you would just keep on coping other people’s post and all that jazz!


  3. Hi, Mia, I’m a friend of a blogger (Arein). Hope you don’t mind me commenting but I saw the post about the copier as well as the follow up apology. I know I’m not the first to say this, but I would accept the apology. The girl sounded sincere, and I would just giver her the benefit of the doubt. She has deleted her blog, and as someone mentioned before, if she wasn’t sorry about the copying mess then she wouldn’t have deleted her blog and apologized. Those are my thoughts on this…hope it helps.

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