There is someone copying our blogs! Her name is GoldPink! Actually, I’m not sure she’s a girl, but I’m guessing to make things simpler. She has copied me! Not only me, but Miriam too! And Dragon’s Den!

She copied my WetLeaf Dragon story, and she even said she drew the pictures herself! Neither of us did, but Sawyer!

She copied Miriam’s graphics!

And last, she copied Dragon’s Den’s pictures!

Go to her blog and be sure you haven’t been copied! Please re-blog, and be aware!

79 thoughts on “THERE IS A COPIER *WARNING*

      1. I literally skimmed through her post and I saw Sawyers drawings. I was like


        This is odd…………..

        My reaction to when I saw her use the drawings. If you don’t like dragons then why post a story about it.

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  1. Hi! Mia, she has copied your story(I think you know that) and three of my posts, I have asked her in the comments to give credit to the authors or re-blog instead. I will try to block her or something, don’t follow her!


  2. Reblogged this on My Golden Shire and commented:
    There is someone copying blogs!! I commented on her blog to tell her to stop it and she told me that I was probably going to copy HER! She says that others are copying her as well, when she is clearly copying others.

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