Night Crafts

This is my newest site! It’s about poems. Have fun!

Pretty Poems

Salutations, Poem People! This is my first post. It is called “Night Crafts.”

When Anna Murie walked down the stairs that night,

Jane said, “Let’s make a scarf of bright!”

Anna Murie shrugged and walked towards Jane.

Jane cheered and pricked her finger on a needle and she yelped in pain!

“I don’t want to do this anymore,” said Anna Murie

“Nonsense!” said Jane. “Then we will make curry!”

So they got out the pots and pans,

And the tomato cans,

And a night curry began to stew!

But then it burned and stank and the girls said, “Pee-yew!”

Jane said, “I would love some warm milk!”

So Anna Murie heated up the milk,

And it began to warm.

But the microwave had in it leftover corn

And the milk exploded!

Anna Murie cried, “Well, now I feel quite bloated!

That is an excuse, for I do not…

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