The Flower Blogger Award!!!

Heya Hoping Hopers!

I got the Flower Blogger Award! Elicia H./Elicreates gave it to me! Thank you ❤ !

Let’s go to the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and put their link in the post
  2. Answer the7 questions that your nominator gave you
  3. Then Make up your own 7 questions
  4. You are not required to answer the questions you make up but you can
  5. Nominate 5 people and put their names in your post.

Alright, so here were the questions asked by Elicia:

1) What is your favorite flower?

I csn’t choose! There are way tooooooooo many pretty ones to choose from! Tooooooooo many!

2) You favorite summer food?

Ice cream. For sure.

3) Swimming or skating?

Swimming! I’m even on a Swim Team.

4) What is your favorite season?

Either winter or summer.

5) Peonies or Poppies?


6) Do you like thunder storms?

If the power goes out; sometimes it’s fun when that happens, sometimes it’s plain annoying. So I can’t choose!

7) Coffee or tea?

I love tea! Especially Honey or Valerian tea

Alright! Thank you Elicia for these wonderful questions

Now for mine!

  1. What is your favorite tree? (I czn’t choose mine! Probably a cherry or birch tree.)
  2. What is your favorite fruit? (Mine is watermelon!)
  3. If you ate <switch this out for any food> for one year, do you think you would change physically? Do you think you would change at all? Explain
  4. Do you like sewing? If you do, what do you sew? (I do!)
  5. If you discovered a new flower, what would you call it? What color would it be? Would it be poisonous or edible or even be used for medicine? Describe it
  6. What is your favorite bird? (I have so many XD)
  7. What would you make a meme on? What would it have as a picture background? Explain

Okay, woo, that was a lot (I love question 5 😆 !{but I think it would take too long for me to answer 😦 })

I nominate:

Flora’s Week Show

Emilie Violets Essays

Curly Thoughts by Merlyn

ScaledFlower’s blog

Raegan’s Full Mind

(I would nominate Elicia again but she literally gave me the reward 😂)


5 thoughts on “The Flower Blogger Award!!!

  1. Haha, I would love to do it again, but ya, I don’t think you can be nominated by the person you nominated soooooo…. I will answer question five right now!! It would be light pink and kind of ombrè so that it was dark pink in the middle, it would be edible (like cinnamon or another spice like that) The kind of spice that you would put in gingerbread cookies, you know? And I would call it……………. Elicia-o-Thank-you-for-discovering-me!! HAHAHA just kidding! I don’t know what I would call it, I’ll have to think about it!

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