Chapter 9

After waking up, Gli felt refreshed. Like healthy refreshed. Like I-can-defeat-Schythina-and-her-Sword-Soldiers refreshed, even though that may never happen. Gli’s first priority was to find food. The small lamb legs hardly kept her alive and she was starving.

Gli found a small she-boar. It was delicious, considering it was fresh. She also found a waterfall. She drank from it; the fresh water tasting delicious! Suddenly, she heard a
“Hey, the subject ran away.”

Gli panicked and hid.

She saw two Sword-Soldiers, a girl and boy. She recognized Teriefula, but didn’t know the other Sword-Soldier.

“Hey, do you hear that?” asked Teriefula. Gli covered her mouth to muffle her loud breathing; she was terrified.

“Yeah! A Parrot-Dragon. Their flying is suuuuuuuuuper annoying. Hey, let’s go get her! We’ll give her to Commander Scythina and the Parrot Dragon can mock all of Scythina’s favorite animals!”

Gli took a deep breath. She went back to her shelter and got some rest. She couldn’t sleep because of the roar of the Parrot-Dragon. The roar of a Parrot-Dragon is on a high octave but very loud (loud enough to shatter a Porcelain-Dragon egg) and annoying.

Gli looked out of her shelter and saw the two Sword-Soldiers chasing Liifedzi. Gli had to rescue her friends.

“Hey, you stupid Sword-Soldiers, are looking for me, huh?” yelled Gli.

“Hey, let’s get her!” exclaimed Teriefula. The two Sword-Soldiers were fast. Very fast. Incredibly fast. So-fast-they’d-break-your-wings fast. Gli kept flying, and and even though far in front of the Sword-Soldiers and Scythina’s territory, she was yet again caught in trap.

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