My Fav😘 Blogs

So! I’m just bored right now… so I’m going to talk about a few of my top favorite blogs! All of you guys are my favorite bloggers, but I’m going to talk about my top favs!

First, my favorite followers!:

1: Dragon’s Den – Okay, I really like Dragon’s Den! They have a great blog and do requests on dragon drawings. They also have a FanFiction blog on Wings of Fire, and here it is!:

2: Miraculus Homeschooling – I like her blog! She has very good essays on Ron Paul Curriculum, and every week she has weekly drawing contests!

3: Shayly’s School Work – She has a great Ron Paul Curriculum blog! She likes horses a lot too!

4: Pepper USA – Who doesn’t like her blog? It’s great blog and has a lot of Ron Paul Curriculum essays. Okay, okay, I know these are a lot of Ron Paul Curriculum blogs and stuff, but I do Ron Paul Curriculum and nearly all the people who follow me are on Ron Paul Curriculum.

5: Cathugger – Lol! That’s literally my other blog, but I do all kinds of FanFics there. So if you like Wings of Fire, Warriors, Rick Riordan books, and all that stuff, check it out!

Second, my favorite bloggers!:

Okay, some of my favorite bloggers are my favorite followers. Let’s go!

1: Dragon’s Den – Okay, this was already on favorite followers, but I really like this blog.

2: The Inspired Page – She has an awesome awesome awesome blog. She finished Ron Paul Curriculum, I think. Her blog is awesome, but she stopped posting a while ago. This can explain why: She hasn’t posted in a while, but you can still look at her old posts.

3: Miraculus Homeschooling – Again, great blog!

4: Perplexinglexi – Has a really good blog and is great drawer. I don’t think she does Ron Paul Curriculum because otherwise she probably would have posted her essay, but I could be wrong.

5: Flora’s Week Show Blog – She has a really nice blog. She makes podcast episode blog thingies, which I’m not too familiar with.

6: Pepper USA – Yep. Love her blog.

So there you have it! Don’t feel bad if I didn’t mention you, because I love your blog too! Ciao!


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