My Book Report (Around the World in 80 Days), Lesson 110 – English 06

Here is my book report. It was on Around the World in 80 Days. I hope you like it.

Around The World in 80 Days

Jules Verne

                Around the World in 80 days is an exciting and very interesting book.  It contains a lot of accurate information at that time period but it does not have many characters.  It is a great book.  It takes place in the 1800’s yet it was published in the 1900’s.

                It began with a rich Englishman named Phileas Fogg.  No one knew how he was so rich.  He was always on time and organized for absolutely everything.  All of his servants were fired because they were not on time or they didn’t organize something right.  One day, he hired a Frenchmen named Passepartout as his new servant.  After he introduced himself to Passepartout, he left for his game of whist, an English game that includes some betting.  The men saw a newspaper on the estimated days it will take to travel around the world.  Here were the results:

                From London to Suez via Mont Cenis and Brindisi, by rail and steamboats – 7 days

                From Suez to Bombay (current day, Mumbai), by steamer – 13 days

                From Bombay to Calcutta (current day, Kolkata), by rail – 3 days

                From Calcutta to Hong Kong, by steamer – 13 days

                From Hong Kong to Yokohama, by steamer – 6 days

                From Yokohama to San Francisco, by steamer – 22 days

                From San Francisco to New York, by rail – 7 days

                From New York to London, by steamer and rail – 9 days

                Total – 80 days.

                Fogg made a bet with the other men in the amount of twenty thousand pounds that he could travel around the world and make it back in eighty days.  If he did not, he would pay the other whist players that amount of money.  He left immediately and took a large amount of money with him.  Passepartout came with him even though it was his first day.  They set off to the Suez Canal.

                In England there was a bank robbery of about fifty-thousand pounds.  A detective named Fix thought the robber was Fogg because no one knew how Fogg got his money and he was very rich.  Fix began following Fogg because he was suspicious.

                First Phileas Fogg traveled through Paris.  They left Paris on the second day.  They reached Turin on October 4th and Brindis on October 5th.  They reached Suez on October 9th.  Then they traveled to Aden, Yemen, and arrived there October 14th.

                The Suez Canal is in Egypt.  Passepartout met Fix on the trip to Suez and Passepartout knew the least bit about Fix.  To Passepartout, Fix was just another lad on a trip to Suez as well.

                Fogg goes through Egypt and is on a boat to Bombay on October 20th.  The two begin to pass through, not noticing Fix.  They buy a very expensive elephant to travel through India.

                Passepartout went into an Indian temple and didn’t know he had to take off his shoes, which was a huge insult to their gods.  The priests whipped off his shoes and hit him.  Later, a woman is being sacrificed because her husband had died.  She had even been married against her will.  Fogg and Passepartout rescue her.  The woman’s name is Aouda and she joined them for the rest of the book.  Fogg gave the man who helped rescue Aouda the elephant for free.  They were going to take Aouda to China with them because she had some relatives there.

                Passepartout began to think that Fix was a man hired by the men in England to make sure Fogg did not cheat on his bet.

                They were going to Calcutta and arrived on October 25th.  They left and arrived at Singapore on October 31st.

                They arrived at Hong Kong in November 6th.  They missed their ship to Japan so they hired a boat to take them to Shanghai.  They realized that Aouda’s relative had moved away to Scotland for business so the men decide to take her with them on their journey.  In Hong Kong, Passepartout took a different ship to Shanghai because he was drugged by Fix.  They all arrived at November 9th and Passepartout found Aouda and Fogg.  At the time, Fix told Passepartout about his suspicions on Fogg.  They were able to catch the Carnatic, the original ship they missed that was going to Japan. 

                On November 14th, they arrived to Yokohama, Japan.  Their next stop was America.

                They reached San Francisco on December 3rd.  They took a train and on December 5th they reached Great Salt Lake City.  They reached Green River on December 6th and on December 7th they stopped at Bitter Creek station.  They went through Denver, Sedgwick, and Julesburg.  When they used a train to cross the Flatte River, the bridge was old and broken.  The conductor refused to cross since there was a high chance of the bridge collapsing.  One man suggested that they should go full speed over the bridge, which they did that, and the bridge collapsed immediately after the train makes it across.  On the way to Fort Kearny, the train was attacked by Native Americans.  They captured Passepartout and so Phileas Fogg went with a party of men to rescue Passepartout.  By rescuing him, they lost a day.  They traveled to Omaha by using a sledge, which was a sled with a sail.

                They crossed through Iowa then made it to Chicago on December 10th.  They journeyed through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and stopped at Hudson, New Jersey, on December 11th.  They got to New York and left on December 12th.  They arrived at Newfoundland at December 13th.  Finally, they took a boat to Liverpool on December 21st and thus they were back in Europe.  They arrived in London 6 hours later.

                But, when they arrived at England, Phileas Fogg was arrested by Fix.  Everyone was upset because it was the last day.  Phileas Fogg depleted his money on the trip.  Even if he won the bet, the winnings would not cover his loses.  Later, Phileas was realized out of jail because the robbery ended up being someone else.  In the end, Phileas Fogg showed up on time even though he was delayed for several hours when he was in jail.  He actually gained 24 hours when he constantly journeyed eastward towards the sun.  He gained four minutes every time he crossed one degree of the earth.  The circumference of the earth is 360 degrees.  Therefore, he was ahead by one day.  Later, he married Aouda.

                I liked this book a lot and Jules Verne did a great job on this book.  I recommend this to people who like these aspects: adventure, history, and geography.  This book is easier to understand than classical literature.  Around the World in 80 Days was inspiring and the best book I have read so far, out of all the books in this course.

There is my book report. My mom and dad both read it and pointed out a few errors. If you see any errors though, please tell me. Thank you! (Word count: 1,148 words)


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