Chapter 7

Scythina was super annoying. Every three minutes Scythina stopped the journey to do something dumb, like catch a snack or chase after butterflies.

“…can we please get going?” said Gli after Scythina stopped to bandage a bruised claw.

Scythina sighed. “Lortiro Village [lor-tour-row] is straight up ahead. We can waste some time, y’know.”

Gli had had it with this Herb Dragon. She was rude and a goof-offing dragon who had no sense of time.

“Get away,” snapped Gli. “You’re wasting time and I’m trying to be urgent here.”

“Jeez, for the love of Karia [Karia was the founder of the dragons; the first queen, (care-ia)], steam DOWN. I need to pick some herbs that grow here for my cousin. If you can just hold the basket-“

“No!” shouted Gli. “I’m going. You said it’s straight up ahead; I’ll go and meet you there.”

“Go, hurry then, go!” Scythina snapped. “Hurry, just go, do I need to push you?!”

Gli was startled by Scythina’s new sense of urgency and how bad she wanted Gli gone.
“O-okay,” said Gli. She flew and flew.

There was a huge wall, too tall to fly over. There was an old sign that said “Old Lortiro Village.” Gli looked at the wall suspiciously. The village wall had plant growth all over it and was dull in color.

Gli knocked on the door of the gates. An old, thin, pale dragon opened it up.

“Hello there, young one,” said the old dragon’s hoarse voice. “My name is Karokoro [care-o-core-o]. Would you like to see my village?”

“Sure!” said Gli. Karokoro led her into the yard of a home.

“Go into the house. The owner loves to make meat!”

Hopefully they’ll share some, thought Gli excitedly as her stomach rumbled.

Gli opened the door, walked inside, and fell into a trap underneath the floor. The last thing she heard was Scythina’s evil laugh with a bunch of Sword Soldiers before she blacked out.

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