Chapter 5

Gli woke up, in a cold sweat because of her dream. She was on a comfortable bed. She felt her bites being treated although she felt a terrible pain in her shoulder.

“Your shoulder is broken and I am the doctor in Goti Village,” said an Herb Dragon. She was basically a Leaf Dragon with healing powers. “My name Scythina [sie-thee-na]. My assistant and I heard word in the village that a strange newcomer was in our village. I ran to the heart of the word at once and saw you.

“I treated your bites while my assistant, Bukla [buck-la], treated your shoulder. We found whole-shards [the name of the dragon money] in your tightly closed talons. They have been put in a pouch that can slung around your neck.”

“Th-thank you,” Gli croaked. “Is Bukla an Herb Dragon too?”

“No, she’s a Porcelain Dragon.”

Gli gasped. A Porcelain Dragon? They were beautiful but delicate dragons. Their eggs could shatter at the touch of a feather. They had soft scales and were small dragons. The more Gli thought about it, a Porcelain Dragon would make a great doctor.

“Thank you, but I really need to get going now,” said Gli.

“No, no, no, you’re staying here,” said Scythina with a villainous grin.

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