Chapter 3

Hey there! This is Chapter 3 after Chapter 2. I’ve forgotten to post more after a while and I didn’t think it would catch on. I also (embarrassingly) alternated between first and third person view for Chapter 2, so if you’ve already read it, read it again because I just edited it. Well, here is Chapter 3!

Gli had been flying for hours. When she had just now learned how to fly, she couldn’t celebrate because of the urgency to find Frisa. It was exhausting. Being a descendant of a Mist dragon, she had powerful wings. Mist dragons had strong and giant wings.

Gli had many problems. She didn’t even know who Frisa (fry-za) was. She didn’t know what kind of threat the Sword-Soldiers were. She didn’t know what to do! Her mom hadn’t even give her that much food! And her glow-fly in the flashlight had died.

The flashlight contained a little glow-fly in it. If you dropped something in it, it would alarm the glow-fly and it would shine. The glow-fly literally got spooked about anything. You had to feed it grass and it only lived for a week. Then you had to find a new one. Glow-flies only appeared right after sunset and only for ten minutes before they went into their burrows again. Luckily, the glow-flies’ habitat was only “after sunset”, which meant they didn’t have a natural habitat.

Gli found a nice, untouched cave that seemed like a great place to rest. Unfortunately, she couldn’t breathe fire to make one to keep her warm. Mist and Leaf dragons didn’t breathe fire, so there was no doubt that Gli could breathe fire.

Gli was cold and hungry. The cave was dark and wet. She felt sad and tired. Gli wrapped her wings around her for warmth and went to sleep.

The loud sound of rain woke Gli up. Having the blood of a Mist dragon, Gli should have found rain beautiful and even possibly control it. Even the Leaf dragons enjoyed it. But Gli did not. She didn’t even like getting wet. Whenever she got wet, it got under her scales and even when she dried out, she felt stinky and sticky, so she had the Bug dragons command ants to clean out underneath her scales. Then it took a week to properly go back to normal.

Gli was soaked and so was her sack. She hadn’t slept well at all. She wasn’t used to the hard cave floors. She decided to help herself to mouthful of food and then head off to the nearest village. But when she looked in her sack, baitews (by-twos) were eating her food and medicine. They even ate the wing gel and water; wing gel treated sore wings. All she had left was a knife, but that was no use. The baitews must have brought back her supplies to their queen. Baitews were scavenger bugs and they didn’t go very far away from their hive. Baitews could eat a giant meal the size of a dragon in an hour. They were smaller than a claw but they had dangerous and venomous mandibles. A single bite could put a dragon in a coma, while more than four could kill one. Any who got bit by a baitew got very sick after the coma and could die of that, too. There was about two thousand in her sack. Even though baitews weren’t aggressive, they were easily spooked like a glow-fly and attacked.

Gli was freaking out. She decided it wasn’t worth getting a venomous bite just for some useless, blunt knife. She could use her sharp claws and teeth besides. Then she realized the her mom had pack the money in there! If she showed up at the village without money, she wouldn’t be able to get anything. She wouldn’t be able to pay for a room at an inn, she couldn’t buy any food, and she wouldn’t be able to buy new supplies.

She just had to get that money back. She would risk everything her life. Her family was counting on her. Gli thrust her talon into the sack. She grabbed three pieces of money and had gotten bit twice, only. She still had a little bit of time before the coma struck.

She flew faster then she ever did before to the Goti Village. She had heard the doctors were kind there and sometimes helped patients for free. Gli began to get lightheaded as she saw the village.

Wait, is that what she saw? A giant tree!

Gli was so lightheaded that she fainted as she was diving straight into the Goti Village.

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