Lesson 55 – English 06

In The Cat of Bubastes, there is a country with a group of people called the Rebu and the people are about to go to war with the Egyptians. The king of Rebu tells his son Amuba if something goes wrong or if he dies, run away. As they go to war, the king is shot in his eye with an Egyptian arrow and dies. Amuba obeys his father and runs back to Rebu land. He knows thinks that their wall will stop the Egyptians but they dig under it. That night Amuba’s mother drink poison because she doesn’t want to become a slave. The Egyptians conquer the Rebu and held a bunch slaves. Amuba and his old guard, Jertho, learn a little bit of the Egyptian langue. Amuba becomes a slave to a high priest. He asks the priest, Amere, to make Jertho his slave too. Amere makes Jertho his slave. Amere’s son, Chebron, runs over. After a short time, Chebron and Amuba become close friends.

A little while later, Chebron, Amuba, and Jertho are taken to go watch hunting. The Egyptians hunted hippopotamus (called water horses or hippotampus [hippotampi, plural]). They are watching the hunt when they hear a scream. A girl is being dragged on the leg by a crocodile. Chebron killed the crocodile and the girl was rescued. They brought her to her great grandfather. The girl was named Ruth. They were both Israelites. They knew the grandfather was going to die soon so Chebron invited Ruth to live with them.

Later, the two boys found the Temple door open and so they snuck in. Chebron could go in since he was the priest’s son but Amuba wasn’t really allowed in because he was a slave. They hid and heard a group of men plotting to kill someone. A few days later, Chebron’s oldest brother, Neco, was murdered by getting stabbed in the back. Chebron thought the group of men killed Neco. Later after Neco’s funeral, the cat of Bubastes had gotten sick and died. Chebron’s sister’s, Mysa, cat was chosen to become the new cat of Bubastes. The two boys soon found out that their chickens were getting eaten by something. The boys hid in a bush and shot a falcon that was killing the chickens. Chebron’s accidentally hit a stick and bounced of killed Mysa’s cat! Chebron was terrified because if you killed a cat, you would be killed as punishment. Chebron told his father and was planning to run away.


I think that Chebron will reveal his secret and then he will be defended OR that he will run away.


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