Chapter 2

Gli was walking back home from school. Liifedzi walked home too.

“Mom, I’m-” Gli was tackled by her mom.

“Shh!” she said. Gli’s mom sounded worried; scared. Gli’s mom was shivering.

“Mom, what-“


“Mom, what happened?”

Gli asked.

She shushed her and removed the picture of Fiead (fee-ed), her friend. Behind it was a plank of wood and behind that was a secret room with an escape panel along with it. Dad was in there with a bunch of food, water, and possessions.

“Okay, Gli. We’re in a world of danger. We’re living in a world of danger. The Sword-Soldiers are coming to take our stuff; ruin our home. I want you to take this sack containing food, water, medicine, gauze, a knife, a flashlight, and wing gel. Go. Find Frisa. She will stop them. Leave.”

Gli’s dad watched. He ate a breyesil (br-eye-sill), a juicy fruit. Gli waved, opening the picture and left her home.

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