Okay. I drew these pictures of WoF dragons a WHILE ago. Wings of Fire is a dragon series and I like to write/draw FanFics.

This Iris, the daughter of Blue and Cricket, a Silk-HiveWing.
Bromeliad, the daughter of Turtle and Cricket, a Sea-RainWing.
Starfennec, the daughter of Qibli and Moon, Sand-NightWing.

Ok. Please don’t use these without my permission; you can ask in the comments for permission. I just wanted to show these pictures because people can use them IF they ask permission. Bye!

P.S. I want to apologize to pepperlanefalkenstine because… after I busted my finger, it hurts to draw, so after my pinkie heals, I will get back to drawing. I will post/or comment when my finger heals.


12 thoughts on “(-_-;)

  1. Я всякий раз чувствительно благодарен собственных друзей за то, что именно они дали мне ссылку на нынешний интернет-сайт

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      1. I have OLDER drawing that I want to burn. Like 4 years ago maybe. The one on my blog are like 2 years old. Except one that I drew specifically for my blog. I like these ones. You may recognize the dragon in my profile pic

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