Chapter 1

Gli (pronounced gl-eye) was a dragon. Nothing made sense to her. Her mom was dark-almost-purple-blue with gray speckles; she was a Mist dragon. Her dad was olive green; he was a Leaf dragon. Gli herself was aqua with yellow spots; she was a… misted leaf dragon?

It was time for school. She groaned. School was the WORST. She hated reading and writing and doing math. What she wanted to learn was how to fly. She had two extremely large wings on her back; her wings were twice a big as her! In gym class, once they vaguely learned how to fly.

Gli walked to school. Her home was a cave in the mountain. She collected her books and lunch and started walking. It would be amazing if she could fly. She saw her friend Liifedzi (pronounced Lee-fed-zee) walking. Liifedzi was red, with patches of green, blue, and yellow and she was a very pure Parrot dragon. Liifedzi was walking towards Gli.

“Hi, Lii,” said Gli, waving. “What did your mom pack you for lunch?”

Liifedzi was walking towards Gli.

Liifedzi tapped her chin with a talon. “I think she gave me Risdo.” Risdo was a delicacy dish. It has purple noodles with reisle fruit (reisle fruit tastes like juicy, sour, pickled raisins). It also has metser meat (a metser is like a mix between a buffalo and turkey). Sometime, if the eater of Risdo was lucky, sometimes some of the metser feathers were in the dish.

“Reeeeally?” Gli squealed. “I love Risdo!”

Liifedzi made a sour face. “I hate Risdo. What did your mom give you?”

Gli opened her bag. She scowled. Her mom gave her something disgusting. It was Oiea (pronounced oi-a), a really gross dish. Oiea was a bunch of smashed beetles with isoa (a dragon version of lemon-flavored kombucha) poured on it. It was something a lot of poor, lower-class dragon ate to survive. Gli’s family was poor. Liifedzi’s family was rich. Then, the school bell rang.

“We’d better go,” said both dragons, running into the school.

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    1. ok, ok, i will change i was not copying you if that is what you think i am i am sorry if you think i am doing a lot of people are doing this (i am serious some of my favorite bloggers r doing this i thought it would be cool to do too)


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